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Belle Wood Equestrian

2745 Concession Rd 6 Greenwood, Ontario, L0H 1H0 (view map)

7 to 15 (Coed )
Day camp
Horseback Riding/Equestrian
$365 to $500


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Belle Wood Equestrian

The Camp program at Belle Wood has been have developed to provide a solid foundation for students in proper horsemanship. During the camp day we will move campers through a series of activities that will benefit them in all aspects of Horsemanship. Our program is based on the Ontario Equestrian “Learn to Ride” Program and the LTED (Long Term Equestrian Development)

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Available Sessions:

weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 5 - 18+
Horseback Riding/Equestrian $200 to $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Mar 01-31 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Apr 01-30 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
May 01-31 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Jun 01-30 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Jul 01-31 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Aug 01-31 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Sep 01-30 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Oct 01-31 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Nov 01-30 $200 - $425
2745 Concession Rd 6
Dec 01-31 $200 - $425
Baking/Decorating|Fantasy/superhero|Harry Potter|Magic|Arts & Crafts|Nature/Environment|Horseback Riding/Equestrian
Baking/Decorating|Cooking|Fantasy/superhero|Harry Potter|Magic|Arts & Crafts|Leadership training|Nature/Environment|Zoology/Animals|Skilled Trades Activities|Writing / journalism|Strength and Conditioning|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Soccer|Sports-Instructional and Training|Volleyball|Yoga

Camp Address
2745 Concession Rd 6, Greenwood, Ontario

Belle Wood Equestrian
Belle Wood Equestrian
2745 Concession Rd 6 Greenwood, Ontario, L0H 1H0 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

Tack Store Owner
Jesse G - Bakers Saddlery — Camp alumni

I have only heard good things about Bell Wood Equestrian Centre! Belinda is a wonderful coach.

Difficult Schedule - No Problem at Belle Wood
Jess O' Riely — Camp alumni

My 2 daughters (ages 6 & 8) have been asking to take lessons for a while now. Upon calling and e-mailing every possible stable (and not getting anywhere positive where I was happy with their answers), I came across Belinda and after speaking with her about the age of my youngest (some barns wouldn't accept her cause of her age) and the times we were available (my step daughter only visits once a week and every other weekend during the school year) she was more than willing to work with us and accommodate us into her schedule. I am absolutely amazed at how accommodating and friendly Belinda has been not only with our girls but us (parents), and her staff always go over and beyond with my girls. They are all so patient and willing to always teach and help my girls. I cannot express how happy we are that we chose Bellewood Equesttrian and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn to ride and take lessons. Not to mention their horses are so good with the kids!!!

Parents of a former Students
Stephanie Alouche — Parent

Hey Belinda La Belle Logan! Although I am totally proud and happy for Abby finishing as Hunter Champion, I wanted you to know that what was discussed (I overheard/eavesdropped) behind the scenes was her exceptional care of her horse, the horses trailer care, and manners/encouragement of other riders, by the barn owner and managers. You did that. Her time at Belle Wood did that. You trusting her did that. So thank you. The groundwork you lay with these youngsters is noticed. Edited to add - I’m not as excited by the country music she now listens to. ;-)

Welcome to Belle Wood
Denise Roussel — Parent

We’ve just become new boarders at Belle Wood and we couldn’t be happier. Belinda is super organized and displays every step of the way that you and your horse are priority. Belinda has a great team too that care for your horse. She’s been very proactive in our horses care and noticed an issue that had to be dealt with right away. My daughter is taking lessons and learning all the fine details from Belinda and the other coaches. The team and team of riders are so friendly and we’re so happy to be part of the Belle Wood Team! ** All reviews have been taken from our Facebook Page Account and Google **

Lesson Program Review
Theresa M. — Parent

I would highly recommend Belle Wood Equestrian Centre! This is a barn where everyone is treated as an equal! My daughter is in high school where there is enough drama and bullying, where at Belle Wood my daughters feels like it’s her safe place and her home away from home where there is no drama or bullying. Belle Wood makes your child feel like they belong and are wanted no matter what level they are or if they lease or not. Thank you Belle Wood and we are proud to be part of your Family **Facebook Review**

Past Student
Abby Alouche — Camper

I was at belle wood equestrian for five years and I loved it. Everyone there was so kind and became my barn family. The horses and instructors taught me so much and I definitely recommend to anyone

Accommodation & Property Details

Sports facilities

  • Horseback Riding Arena (indoor/outdoor)


  • Forested Area
  • Nature Trails

Upcoming Events

upcoming events
  • June 06, 2020National Horse Day at Belle Wood
    Belle Wood Equestrian, 2745 Concession Rd 6, Greenwood, Ontario
    Join us Saturday, June 06 from 11:00 am - 04:00 pm

    Stay tuned for more details as we plan Horse Day 2020 at Belle Wood Equestrian 

Director's Message

Belinda R. La Belle, Head Coach & Director of Operations

2020 is upon us and before we know it Summer Break will be here. With that said, Myself, Councillors & Instructors are  looking forward to another Camp Season and delivering an incredible experience that Campers will never forget! 

Belle Wood takes great pride in teaching and developing students in the Equestrian Sport with a focus on proper Horsemanship Skills and building a solid foundation to contribute in their overall growth in the sport. 

In additional to spending majority of the time working around the Horses and learning about their new Equine Partners, Campers will take part in team building skills, sports activities, arts and crafts, nature hikes, learning about working around the equestrian centre and so much more.

I am looking forward to seeing new faces at Belle Wood this summer while welcoming back many of Campers that attending in 2019.  




Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $365 to $500 /week

Payment Options:

Credit card payment Yes


Discount if paid early 5%
Discount for 2nd child 3%


Summer Camp Promotions

Before we know it, Summer will be here and children will be out of school! 

There are many benefits of horseback riding for your child's health. Those who ride at Belle Wood competitively know that horseback riding is  physically challenging and at the same time, a rewarding activity. Additionally, studies have proven interaction with horses has therapeutic effects. 

Below we've listed some of the Key benefits of horseback riding

Here are ten health benefits of horseback riding lessons and camps:

1. Develops core strength.

One of a horseback riders’ strongest muscles is there core. To be able to maintain a proper riding posture, riders learned to engage the core muscles in addition to the back and chest muscles. It also takes an engaged core to stay balanced on the horse.  

2. Improves coordination.

Coordination is such an important skill set for horseback riding. Not only does riders need to coordinate there movements with the horse, they also needs to direct the horse in the right direction and over or around. 

3. Encourages trust.

In order to be a successful horseback rider, the rider must develop a trusting relationship with the horse. Horses, like any animal, can be unpredictable. Learning to build trust isn’t just important between horses and riders, but in all human relationships.

4. Exercises the mind.

Unlike idle activities such as playing on electronics and watching TV, horseback riding exercises you physically and mentally. Mental exercise is an important benefit of horseback riding. As riders  learn to communicate with their horse, execute movements, and overcome obstacles, the brain will store information on how these tasks where completed. As riders continue to learn new things, the brain will store the information so you can perform the task again, and perhaps even better the next time.  

5. Develops problem solving skills.

As you become more advanced in your horseback riding ability, you might take on the challenge of a jumping course, trail ride, or horse show. You’ll have to master problem solving skills as you direct your horse. If your horse is unwilling to submit to your directions, you’ll have to think quickly about how to remain safe and in control of your horse.

6. Increases socialization.

Horseback riding can increase your social circle. Riders  get to know your horses and ponies, instructors, other riders, and staff around Belle Wood. The horse community is very social and full of people who will help each other learn about horses. While private lessons are an excellent way to gain experience in a safe setting and attention to work on specific skills, group lessons provide a great social experience. Group lessons not only enable you to learn from your instructor but from your peers as well and group discussion on progressions. 

7. Creates time to relax.

Horseback riding has an inherent relaxing effect on people (to be honest, just being present around horses has a relaxing affect. According to Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Rheta D. Connor, “The natural rhythm of the horse aids in circulation and relaxation while gently exercising and massaging the rider’s joints, muscles and spine” (source). These physical motions bring about feelings of relaxation naturally without any thought on behalf of the rider.

8.  Provides opportunities to compete.  

There are many different types of competition,  Belle Wood focuses on Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Dressage to provide a variety of ways to put riders  skills to the test. Training for a show and setting a goal can increase motivation and provide a healthy competitive outlet for riders. Riders who compete may even notice that they feel more driven and confident in other areas of their life outside of horseback riding. The coaches at Belle Wood follow the Long Term Equestrian Development plan designed by Equestrian Canada when creating goals and outcomes for riders at Belle Wood. 

9. Increases muscle tone and strength.

Horseback riders develop a special strength known as stable strength. Even when not on the horse, riders are likely to engage in demanding physical activity around the stables. Mucking out stalls, carrying tack, and grooming horses increases muscle tone and strength. A new rider may have trouble lifting a heavy saddle, but after developing stable strength the rider will be able to lift it with ease!


10. Improves mental state.

In addition to increasing feelings of relaxation, horseback riding can improve a riders’ mental state in other ways as well. Spending time with animals is believed to raise levels of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin. To back up these claims, the British Horse Society conducted a study on the health benefits of horseback riding. Through a survey of over 1,200 horseback riders, they discovered that more than 80 percent of survey participants reported that horse riding made them feel ‘quite a lot’ or ‘extremely’ cheerful, relaxed, happy or active (source).

With all these amazing health benefits of horseback riding, you can feel great about the time you spend riding, caring for, and enjoying the company of horses and we hope to see you at Belle Wood Equestrian 


In the News

January 11, 2020 - Belle Wood is excited to announce 10 Weeks of Summer Camp

This Summer Belle Wood Equestrian Centre will be offer a full 10 Weeks of Summer Camp ...


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