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Racquel Posluns

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The Taylor Statten Camps
The Taylor Statten Camps
P.O. Box 10007 Algonquin Park, Ontario, P1H 2H2
Contact name:
Racquel Posluns

Phone number:
(416) 486-6959×

The Taylor Statten Camps

P.O. Box 10007, Algonquin Park, Ontario, P1H 2H2

Type: Day Camp, Overnight Camp, family

Capacity: 240 to 400

Categories: Traditional,  Traditional

Cost: $775 to $9,695/session

Age: 6 to 16

Gender: All Girls, All Boys

The Taylor Statten Camps are nestled in beautiful Algonquin Park, Ontario. Camp Ahmek for Boys and Camp Wapomeo for Girls have a brother-sister relationship with 90 years of shared history. We offer canoe tripping and daily programming. Canoe trips range in length from 2 to 50 days, with routes exploring Ontario and Quebec. Join us for the camping adventure of a lifetime!

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The Taylor Statten Camps
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Camp Session Calendar (2016/17)

Past Sessions:

Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 7 - 12
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 8 - 16
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 7 - 16
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 6 - 7
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 7 - 12
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
Ages: 1 - 18+

Accommodation & Property Details)

Property details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Cabins
  • Platform Tent

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets
  • Outhouses
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Archery Range
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Basketball Court
  • Climbing Wall
  • Horseback Riding Arena (indoor/outdoor)
  • Rope Course
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court(s)


  • Beach
  • Forested Area
  • Lake/Pond/River
  • Nature Trails
  • Open Field

Stories & Testimonials


What Camp Means to Me (Camp Ahmek)expand

               My time at the Taylor Statten Camps started when I was 3 years old, when I began attending September Camp with my family. After a number of years at September Camp, I couldn’t wait to start as a camper and my time finally came in the summer on 1999. I was 7 years old and in the Bantam section. I continued as a camper from 1999-2006, moving through all the sections from Bantam camper  to  Kipawa camper in 2006. In the summer of 2007, I took a brief hiatus but triumphantly returned to camp as a CIT in 2008. My time as a CIT sparked the beginning of a long career as an Ahmek Staff member, which is still continuing to this day. The positions that I have filled during my time at the camps has been  CIT, two years as a counsellor, a guide, Bisco counsellor, Outpost Staff until I replaced an injured staff member on 50 Day, 50 Day counsellor, and Head Guide. In addition, I was also a member of the Spring Work Crew since 2012 including going up to camp at the beginning of May twice and being the Head of the Work Crew in 2015. I was also the CIT Section Director during September Camp in both 2014 and 2015, as well as a member of the Fall Work Crew in 2014. Needless to say, Camp Ahmek and the Taylor Statten Camps has been an incredible and immense part of my life.

               One of my most memorable moments during my 8 years as a staff member at Ahmek was leading a Kipawa as a CIT in 2008 and leading my own 50 Day canoe trip with a good friend of mine in 2014. Another one of my most memorable moments during my staff career was working during the Fall and being able to be in Algonquin Park during the time the leaves were changing colour. The reasons these were so memorable is because they were all big moments in my life that helped bring me to where I am today. Doing a Kipawa as a CIT taught me how to be a good staff member and the skills that would lead me to more Long Trips in the future. It’s a really cool feeling when most of the campers on that trip in 2008 are still working at camp currently and are in line for their very own long trips now or have taken one out already. Taking out a 50 Day trip was in a class of its own. It taught me so much about myself, the importance of appreciating nature and bringing oneself to a more natural way of life. It was an experience that I will hold dear for the rest of my life.

               I have now started a full time position at the Taylor Statten Camps as the Canoe Tripping Coordinator, which has been a dream of mine since I first started at TSC as a CIT. My time as a summer staff member has taught me everything I needed to know for this position. It has taught me how the inner workings of a summer camp is run, how to effectively plan the best canoe trip possible in multiple regions of Ontario and Quebec, and taught me valuable life skills. Some advice that I would give new and returning staff members coming to the Taylor Statten Camps would be to fully embrace the job you are undertaking. These are some of the best years of your life and you will be spending them at one of the most amazing places in the world. The lessons and experiences that you will have during these summers will stick with you for the rest of your life and help you along the way. 


What Camp Means to Me (Camp Wapomeo)expand

       I started at the Taylor Statten Camps when I was 11 years old and am currrently 25. My first summer at Camp Wapomeo for girls opened my mind and eyes to so many new things. I was able to try something new everyday. I worked on my swimming and canoeing while using my creative side at arts & crafts and drama. I truly loved being on the Island of Wapomeo, meeting those who would be my friends for a lifetime. I continued through the years, completing a 36 day canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park when I was 15 and a 50 Day canoe trip when I was 16. I could not end my camp career there, however, so I applied to be a counsellor and have yet to look back. As a staff member I have held the role of Counsellor, Section Director, Long Trip Leader (2 Quetico trips and a 50 Day), Assistant Director of Wapomeo and am currently working full time in the camp office as Camper-Parent Relations & Logisitcs Coordinator.
        I can say with confidence that this camp has made me who I am today. It has prepared me for life, teaching me skills that I did not get the opportunity to learn in school. Camp gives children the chance to be independent, while ensuring that they are constantly supported. Canoe trip is what stands out to me the most about my experience at Wapomeo. It teaches leadership and teamwork as well as instilling confidence and strength. I implore anyone who has an interest in nature and the outdoors to give TSC a try. It is a experience that you will not regret.


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December 9, 2015 - Registration is now open!

Come join us for the adventure of a life time! TSC provides a wide range of activities and wilderness excursions through Ontario & Quebec. ...

Camp Address
P.O. Box 10007, Algonquin Park, Ontario
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Racquel Posluns

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