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6 to 18 (Coed )
Day Camp, Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
$200 to $3,950


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RNS Camps

RNS Camps offers a varied camping experience for children of ages from 5-18. Camps run throughout the year from evening and weekend camps to week-long and overnight camps, there is sure to be an option that interests everyone. RNS Camps runs Hockey Camps, Soccer Camps, ESL Camps, Multisport Camps and STEAM/STEM Camps. Check out www.rns.cc/camps for more information and to register. 

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Overnight Camp
Ages: 12 - 18
ESL $2,300 to $3,950
40 College Hill Road
Jul 23-Aug 10 $2,300 - $3,950
ESL|Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 5 - 14
Sports-Instructional and Training $200 to $200
Sports-Instructional and Training
Day Camp
Ages: 5 - 14
Sports-Instructional and Training $200 to $200
Sports-Instructional and Training
Day Camp
Ages: 10 - 14
Robotics $200 to $200
Day Camp
Ages: 6 - 10
Sports-Instructional and Training $200 to $200
Sports-Instructional and Training
Day Camp
Ages: 10 - 14
STEM $200 to $200
Skilled Trades Activities|Sports-Instructional and Training
Day Camp
Ages: 11 - 15
Sports-Instructional and Training $200 to $200
Sports-Instructional and Training
Day Camp
Ages: 5 - 14
Sports-Instructional and Training $200 to $200
Sports-Instructional and Training

Camp Address
40 College Hill Road, Rothesay, New Brunswick

RNS Camps
RNS Camps
40 College Hill Road Rothesay, New Brunswick, E2E 5H1
Contact name:
Geoffrey McCullogh

Phone number:
(506) 847-2619×
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Accommodation & Property Details)

Property details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Dorm or Building


  • Electricity in Sleeping Area
  • Shower in Sleeping Area
  • Toilet in Sleeping Area

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Basketball Court
  • Gymnasium
  • Running Track
  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis Court(s)


  • Forested Area
  • Open Field

Director's Message


Geoffrey McCullogh, RNS Camps Director

Welcome to RNS Camps!! Over the past couple of years, we have been focused on the growth of our summer ESL program and Hockey Camps, however, we are starting to branch out. RNS Camps is now running a wide range of camps, not only in the summer and holidays, but throughout the year as well. We will be running day soccer camps, day STEAM/STEM camps, multisport camps, soccer games, as well as, continuing to build upon the successes of the ESL and Hockey camps. Campers expected to attend with an open mind, wanting to work hard, experience new opportunities and to have fun! We hire qualified counsellors, leaders and teachers that assist the campers in improving their skill set while still enjoying their time. Looking forward to seeing returning campers and new campers on "The Hill" soon!  

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $200 to $3,950 /session

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 2

Stories & Testimonials


Note from 2016 Studentexpand

In July of this year, I had the opportunity to spend one-month time at RNS for the ESL summer camp. Next, I would like to talk about my experiences there as well as my feelings.

To begin with, the basic part or the quite important part might be the residence and the food. When I first came to Netherwood House, it just seemed like home. It was so convenient that we can have meals as well as doing the laundry in the residence. Also, we had chance to play the piano and watch movies in soft sofas. For something more special, I really like the bedrooms. The rooms were quite big with many draws and there was a bathroom in each room, too. Thus, only two people need to share one. If you opened the windows, you would see the beautiful natural scenery and hear the birds singing in the morning, too.To be honest, I am a person who is picky for the food. Nevertheless, the food there was surprisingly amazing. We had pasta, tacos, pizza and so on. We also obtained the opportunity to make dumplings together in the kitchen. It was definitely tiring, however, we still enjoyed the whole process and it improved our team spirit a lot as well.

In addition, whenever I mentioned the activities of the summer camp, I was always excited about them. Even till now, I can still remember all the details we experienced. During the summer camp, I felt the happiness of canoeing after getting stuck for many times. It was our first time to taste delicious smores. We went mini golfing and we saw two English movies without any subtitle. We took a walk as well as a visit in Saint John. We went to the concert in the park and listened to some popular songs in Canada. Besides, I really love the trips on the weekend. At King’ s Landing, we learned about the Canadians’ lifestyle from the 1800s to the early 1900s. We can even have the feeling of going back to that time because there are some actors playing the roles of the owner of each house as with the people who used to live there. Then, that was both my first time to go whale-watching and go to an English musical. I was super excited when I saw more and more whales after the cold heavy rain, and I could still recall some tunes of the musical sometimes. 

What is more, if we talk about the ESL summer camp, the core section should undoubtedly be the courses. In my opinion, the classes were the most different part, too. For example, compared to the school conditions in China, students can feel less stressed and have more fun during studying because we had more chances to think on our own, express our ideas more actively as well as playing some games about the grammar we learned about. Sometimes it even seemed like we only played in class, however, we can still surprisingly learned a lot. Also, I think all the teachers and staffs were awesome. They were very kind and patient so that you can get along well with them easily just like friends.

To sum up, the students can come to the summer camp at RNS for many goals, but I suppose the three below could be the most attractive reasons. First, for all the students around the world, they can improve their English, especially their ability of listening and speaking. They can obtain the chance to speak more English with the local English speakers. Second, it is quite special as with interesting to spend one month here with new friends and foreign teachers. At the same time of studying, you can also have plenty of fun. During the weekend or the free time in the evening, you could try a variety of activities for the first time. Third, for students who are coming to RNS, it is absolutely an excellent opportunity to know about the campus and help them fit in with the new school life better. 


In the News


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