Question and Answers for Working at Camp

What sort of training do camp staff have?

Reputable camps place a high priority on staff training, often through their own programs. Information on the physical and emotional capabilities of children at different ages; sessions on leadership, behaviour management and program planning; opportunities to learn skills, practice and teach—all this and more enables camp staff to be their best for the kids.

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I've heard about leadership (LIT or CIT) programs. What are they?
You may see the term LIT or CIT program; it's short for Leadership-in-Training or Counsellor-in-Training program.

These are opportunities camps more

Is there always someone supervising the campers? Even during the night at residential/overnight camps?
Yes. Camps take their responsibility for your child very, very seriously. Their programs, staffing, facilities and schedules are all more

I am looking for a summer job. Do you offer jobs to internationals? I'm writing from East Africa-Tanzania. Thanks in advance, Maria
Many of the summer camps in Canada hire international students from all countries to work at camp. Some available more

I am a high school student and I want to volunteer at a camp. I have never worked at a camp before. I want to have more experience with kids. I was wondering if you offer volunteer positions for high school students like me.
Many camps are happy to have volunteers and working at a summer day or overnight camp is excellent experience more

Hi, My name is Mila. I am an ECE and music teacher. I live in ontario, Mississauga. i would like to apply to work at some of the summer camps. I tried using your website, but I cannot manage to navigate through it. Can you please advice me on how can I find the names of the camps near by my location. Thank you, Mila
We encourage anyone interested in camp opportunities to get in touch with any of our member camps by email more