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Will going to camp in the summer help my child with school during the rest of the year?

Keeping your child physically and mentally active during the summer months will help them better assimilate when it is time to go back at school.

Numerous studies show that over the summer, students can lose up to the equivalent of 2.6 months of what they've learned during the school year. By keeping kids' brains active, alert and acquiring knowledge, camp offers the chance to stem summer learning loss.

Lessons learned in textbooks can also be reinforced and extended by experiential learning in a natural setting—as can kids' awareness of the environment, conservation and "greening" practices, such as recycling. A family vacation at the cottage will get kids outdoors, but it won't provide them with the focused peer group and the co-operative learning chances of camp.

If education is a priority for your family, there are also a number of specialty camps that are focused on academic learning through the summer months, helping kids build on their math, science, computer or language skills, in a fun environment.

Learn what expert researches found and more about the benefits of camp to your child's education in the Learning Benefits of Camp section.

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